My Philosophy
Music is about excitement, passion, friendship, love, emotion, and making our very imperfect world a more beautiful place. I strive for those moments that make the rest of the world disappear – for me, that is the best feeling in the whole world

About Me

As a composer, I am fascinated by counterpoint, harmonic relationships, complex rhythms, and modes. The process of developing an idea into a new piece of music is exhilarating – each piece is a new journey.  My main inspiration comes from music of the 20th century and video game soundtracks. One of my favorite aspects of music is the unique way in which it is able to bring people together. The most meaningful experiences and relationships in my life have been from music.

In my former time as a performer, on bassoon and cello, I was active in a wide variety of settings including symphony orchestra, wind ensemble, opera, ballet, musical theater, chamber music, and wedding events.

During the day, I work as an analytical chemist producing data for quality control and new product development applications. Prior to this I worked in the hazardous waste industry. I received my B.S. in chemistry, summa cum laude, with a mathematics minor from the University of New Mexico in 2016.

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