I’m now offering lessons in music theory!
Topics included are suitable for students of AP music theory, the first year college theory sequence, or those who just want structured, individual instruction outside of a formal class:
-Meter, scales, intervals, melody, chords
-First, second, and fourth species counterpoint in two voices
-Chord functions and inversions
-Harmonization and chorale style
-Applied chords and modulation

-Chromatic harmony



My two art songs are now published, yay! If you’re interested in obtaining sheet music, there are purchase links over in my audio page!


I have been making exciting progress on my current piece, ‘The Starlight Night.’ Writing for choir is so much fun: there is so much textural possibility, and the harmony just seems to sparkle! I’m really getting excited to start working on mixing the vocals for ‘Invictus’ here pretty soon as well. I’m working on an application for my first composition competition, which is really exciting. The requirements are pieces for up to 3 voices and piano (or other instruments), so I figured I’ll apply with my two art songs!


Seeing as I have not played cello in over a year and am entirely focused on composition, I figured I ought to have an e-mail address that reflects that! I can be reached at hbrowncomp@gmail.com
The engraving for Invictus is finished – yay! It feels so great to have it publication-ready. I will have a recording very soon as well. I am really excited to submit it for publication. I am going to start working on the engraving for I dream of you, to wake very shortly.


It’s been a while since I last posted, and there are a lot of things that I am excited about. I recently finished my second song, Invictus (baritone/piano), and even have a singer lined up to perform it. Now I just need to make a piano track so the singer can record. I picked up a couple choir sample libraries (VOXOS: Epic Virtual Choirs, and Olympus Choir Elements) that have been a blast to play with. They’re relevant to my current project, “The Starlight Night,” a choral setting of the poem by Gerard Hopkins (1844-1889).
I also started work on a requiem for mezzo-soprano and string quartet as a longer-term project. I’m almost finished with the first movement, Introit/Kyrie, and have some sketches for the other movements. I plan to release each movement upon completion, rather than waiting for the entire work to be composed. There are plenty of requiems for full orchestra and choir, but there are not any chamber music settings as far as I know.
The immense strife and suffering of this year has motivated me to compose relevant pieces. Invictus is intended as a source of inspiration, while the requiem is intended to be a reflection of the emotions that many are feeling.


I’m enjoying this colder weather – Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons. My weekend was filled with musical fun. I spent tons of time studying counterpoint and practicing piano. I think I may have spent a bit TOO much time on counterpoint though – it’s important to actually compose too! I also, in a moment of weakness, purchased the wonderful Blakus Cello and Fischer Viola (solo strings) virtual instruments from Embertone that I’ve been eyeballing for a while. They sound gorgeous!

8/23/2020 – Song complete

‘I dream of you, to wake’ is up on YouTube! Check it out on my portfolio page! I’ll be self publishing it in several keys in the near future.

8/22/2020 – Productive times

My first piano lesson last night was fantastic, I learned quite a lot and went home with a bunch of things to practice; it feels like I’m making progress already! After my lesson not only did I basically finish ‘I dream of you, to wake’ – I started my next project as well: ‘Invictus’ for baritone and piano! The next steps for ‘I dream of you, to wake’ are to (1) produce audio and (2) edit and (3) publish. My plan is to do all three this weekend, but if I get at least the audio and edits I’ll consider it a success. Stay in tune my friends!

8/15/2020 – My new Steinway D-274 (sort of)

So it turns out the audio interface I purchased a few months ago comes with the Addictive Keys sound library from XLN Audio as a registration freebie! The grand piano sampled was a Steinway D-274 and it sounds incredible. I’m so excited to have this as an available tool!

8/13/2020 – Ticklin’ the ivories

So after a bit of reflection I’ve decided that I am going to take piano lessons, not because I want to be a pianist per se, but because the skills are very useful for composition and theory – I’m finding the lack of them to be a hindrance. It is incredibly valuable to be able to improvise and plunk out compositional ideas at a keyboard or to play through an example from a theory book. I look forward to seeing how these skills will help me grow as a musician.

8/9/2020 – Welcome to my new website

Thanks for stopping by! I decided to revamp my web presence and get my own domain name. This website is currently under construction, so please check back periodically. I’ll be posting updates about my musical endeavors and audio of my music and eventually plan to add a store for selling sheet music of my compositions as well.

8/7/2020 – My first vocal piece

So I guess it’s been a while since I posted an update. Last week I started writing a song for soprano and piano that takes its lyrics from Christina Rosetti’s poem “I dream of you, to wake.”
This is my first piece for voice; it has been a fun learning experience. Lyrics have to drive harmonic and melodic considerations – it’s crucial for them to seamlessly support each other. It makes for a totally different compositional process.

                     To inquire about tutoring, collaborations, or commissions message me at hbrowncomp@gmail.com